Unique artifacts for unique people (2023)

The goal of this mod is to make the most interesting characters in Cyrodiil and the Shivering Isles have some weapon that suits their character. You will find these weapons normally as you progress through the game. There are 27 new artifacts in total.

I decided not to give new NPC weapons which are always essential and never die. This would mean you would miss the content of this mod if you didn't use the console to get the weapon. All artifacts in this mod are easily obtainable. This may feel like a bit of a dip break without having new weapons with Counts or folks like Martin Septim and Gray Fox, but that's the only way I see it fair to collectors.

None of the models and textures used are new; they come from resources provided by the folks at Nexus Mods. Most of these weapons blend very well with a vanilla game. I tried to keep the weapons from looking too weird, but still looked visibly unique whenever possible.

Exclusive artifacts for exceptional people.esp

ESP core. Contains only new records. He does not give out any weapons to the characters himself.

Unique artifacts for unique people - Distribution.esp

Distributes unique weapons to known characters in Oblivion and DLC. Do not enable this plugin, instead you should disable it and import it into your patch patch atWrye Bashlike a filter patch. This plugin is a filter patch which means you don't need all your masters as long as you use the Wrye Bash clump patch. So you can still use this mod without all the smaller official DLC. Requires a basic plugin (Unique Artifacts for Unique People.esp).

Compatibility and requirements

No files will be overwritten after installing this mod. Patches are available forMOBY/OMOBY,OOO - Oblivion Oscuro Review - Updatedmiextensive user interfacein optional files.

AWrye BashThe bash patch is required for compatibility with mods that edit NPCs and certain creatures, such as Oblivion Character Overhaul and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.Fixed weapon droppingit is recommended that weapons remain on the bodies of people and creatures after being killed.

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new artifacts

Bloodseeker - Seridur's one-handed mace
Enchantment: When hit, absorbs 4 health over 3 seconds.
Equivalent: Elven mace
Background: The Bloodseeker is a vicious mace that absorbs the victim's life force. The name reflects Seridur's hidden affliction and his constant need to satisfy his bloodlust.
Click here to see an image of this artifact.

Brugo Chopper - Black Brugo's War Chopper
Enchantment: Health Damage 10 points and Weapon Disintegration 30 points on hit.
Equivalent: Elven Battleaxe
Background: Black Brugo uses his Slicer to terrorize the people of Leyawiin County. His menacing appearance matches Brugo's boisterous nature.
Click here to see an image of this artifact.

Crystal Gazer Staff - Staff of Hannibal Traven
Enchantment: Deals 50 fire damage at 3 yards, 35 cold damage at 3 meters, and drains magic by 50 over 5 seconds.
Background: Hannibal Traven uses the Crystal Gazer staff to foretell future events. His prophecies led him to fear for the safety of the Mages Guild.
Click here to see an image of this artifact.

Dagger of Vile Magic - Adaga de Falcar
Enchantment: Absorbs 5 magic in 5 seconds and reduces magic by 15% for 15 seconds on hit.
Equivalent: Daedric dagger
Background: Falcar's interest in the dark arts led him to create this wicked artifact. Created a dagger under Revenant's Shadow in Dark Fissure.
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Desecrator - Raelynn's one-handed club, the Gravefinder
================================================== == ==========
Enchantment: Weakness to Shock 15% for 5 seconds and 15 points of Shock Damage on hit.
Equivalent: Silver mace
Background: Raelynn the Gravedigger found this mace in a nobleman's coffin while looking for a corpse to pick up. She named him that because of his indifference to the sanctity of Tamriel's dead.
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Devastation - Raynil Dralas'claymore
Enchantment: Absorbs 5 magic for 5 seconds and 15 fire damage on hit.
Equivalent: Silver Claymore
History: The Claymore Devastation was a Brotherhood artifact shared by Bradon Lirrian, Gelebourne, and Raynil Dralas. Ranyil used it to kill Bradon in cold blood.
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Dugal's Command - Captain Dugal's cutlass
Enchantment: Weakness to Frost 15 points for 5 seconds and 15 Frost Damage on hit.
Equivalent: Master Forge Steel Cleaver
History: Captain Dugal, Lord Captain of the Red Saber in his lifetime, used this cleaver to keep his rowdy crew of privateers and pirates in order.
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Dynar's Light - Umbacano shortsword
Enchantment: 20 fire damage on hit.
Equivalent: Glass Short Sword
History: Umbacano named this rare Ayleid he bought from an adventurer after Laloriaran Dynar, the famous Last King of the Ayleids. The name Dynar means "Lord of the Dark Times" in the Ayleid language.
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Grayblade - Agronak gro-Malog's longsword
================================================== == ==
Enchantment: 25 points of shock damage on hit.
Equivalent: Long Ebony Sword
Background: It was forged by master blacksmith Gin-Wulm as a reward to the Gray Prince for his bravery in the Arena.
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Legacy - Lord Lovidicus' Battleaxe
Enchantment: Dispels 75 points and 15 points of shock damage on hit.
Equivalent: Dwarven Battle Axe
History: Lord Lovidicus' battleaxe was a gift from his former lover Luktuv. Though he has come to despise Luktuv, the ax reminds him of better times in the past.
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Man-Carver - Goblin Jim's war sculptor
Enchantment: Absorb Speed ​​15 points for 5 seconds, Drain Fatigue 50 points for 10 seconds.
Equivalent: Dwarven Battle Axe
Background: Goblin Jim's skillful use of his trademark battle ax earned him the rank of Shaman of the White Goblin Tribe. It is very effective at carving human flesh.
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Menace - Claymore by Kylius Lonavo
Enchantment: 7 points of fire, cold and shock damage on hit.
Equivalent: Dwarven Claymore
Background: Kylius Lonavo's wealth from the Skooma trade gave him the opportunity to purchase this blade from a traveling merchant. He named it after what the Imperial Legion named it.
Click here to see an image of this artifact.

Hist's Might - Ri'Zakar's two-handed mace
Enchantment: Silence for 5 seconds, Charge 40 points for 40 seconds, and Absorb Force 12 points for 5 seconds when hit.
Equivalent: Ebony Warhammer
History: Ri'Zakar well understands the deadly power of the Hist and named this two-handed ebony mace as a representation of its opposite power.
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The Night Mother's Gift - Bow of Ungolim
Enchantment: Health Damage 20 points and Weakness to Poison 20% on hit.
Equivalent: Ebony Bow
History: The Night Mother bestowed this cursed bow on Ungolim as proof of his office.
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Pale Sting - adaga Pale Lady
Enchantment: Drains Health 20 points every 6 seconds and Fatigue per Damage 15 points on hit.
Equivalent: Elven dagger
Background: The Pale Stinger is the Pale Lady's personal dagger, and she uses it to torture those she holds.
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Bane of Prey - Kurdan gro-Dragol's Battleaxe
Enchantment: charges 100 points over 10 seconds and deals 15 points of fire damage on hit.
Equivalent: Elven Battleaxe
History: The artifact of Kurdan gro-Dragol is a fearsome battle ax that many innocent people found the end of. The ax has a sinister effect on Kurdan's mind.
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Solitude - Hirrus Clutumnus' shortsword
Enchantment: Calm down to level 8 for 10 seconds after being hit.
Equivalent: Silver short sword
History: The troubles of a lonely soul led Hirrus Clutumnus to purchase this artifact from a mysterious sorcerer with the promise to comfort him in his darkest hours. While the short sword may or may not have worked, one thing is certain: Hirrus was happy to spend the last few months of his life wielding it.
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Soulweaver - chick Arielle Jurard (lich)
Enchantment: Soul Trap for 30 seconds, Reanimation for 30 seconds and Fire Damage 55 points.
History: Rumor has it that this staff was a gift from the King of Worms himself. Arielle Jurard attempted to resurrect Lord Kain with this artifact.
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Staff of Ayleid Secrets - Staff of the King of Miscarcand
================================================== == ======
Enchantment: Dispel 100 points and 65 points of shock damage.
History: King Miscarcand uses this artifact to ward off intruders in front of the great Miscarcand. Its origin is unknown.
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Advantage Upiora - Advantage Logrena Benirusa
Enchantment: Drains Intelligence and Willpower for 25 points for 18 seconds and 55 points of shock damage.
Background: During his lifetime, Benirus' experiments with necromancy led him to forge this staff as a means of protecting himself from the images of the Mages Guild. The artifact disappeared along with the body of Logren Benirus after the Mages Guild attacked the Benirus Estate.
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Indarys Sword - The long sword of the Spirit of Llathasa
================================================== ==
Enchantment: Damage duration 7 points and shock damage 15 points on hit.
Equivalent: Dwarven longsword
History: Llathasa's sword was a memento of the Indarys family with whom she was buried. The cause of her death remains shrouded in conjecture, and if her resting place is disturbed, she may take this blade into battle.
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Betrayal - Dagger by Mathieu Bellamont
Enchantment: 20 cold damage on hit.
Equivalent: Ebony Dagger
History: Mathieu Bellamont found this dagger stored in a chest on the ship Serpent's Wake after killing all the sailors on board. He named it after his dark secret that the Dark Brotherhood does not know.
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Usurper - Brother Droth's longsword
Enchantment: 15 Fire Damage and 15% Fire Weakening for 5 seconds on hit.
Equivalent: Elven longsword
Background: Frathen Drothan leads the Drothmer Army and searches for Vars Baalim in order to obtain the Razor of Mehrunes. Meanwhile, he uses his Usurper longsword to challenge imperial rule.
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Dar Vangarila — Kostur Erandur-Vangarila
Enchantment: Deals 45 fire damage and 35 shock damage.
Background: This staff was a gift from his father to Vangaril. While Vangaril ultimately chose the path of the magical sword, he kept it with him in case of danger. fight this devil.
Click here to see an image of this artifact.

The Coldness of Vengeance - Claymore de Vicente Valtieri
Enchantment: 25 cold damage on hit.
Equivalent: Elvish Claymore
History: Vicente Valtieri received this artifact from Lucien Lachance as a reward for completing a dangerous contract. Your spell represents your cold-blooded nature as a vampire.
Click here to see an image of this artifact.

Visage of Darkness - Hindaril's One-Handed Mace
================================================== == ==
Enchantment: Demoralizes to level 8 for 10 seconds when hit.
Equivalent: Dwarven mace
Background: The Visage of Darkness is Hindaril's personal mace, a weapon of the night. Makes enemies flee in terror.
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Visionary team - Team Ciirta
Enchantment: Fire Damage 60 points, Light 50 points for 30 seconds, and Awaken the Undead to level 24 for 30 seconds.
History: Ciirta has seen things with his own eyes that no mortal has ever seen. The Visionary Staff grants her advanced seeing abilities.
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How to get a new weapon

Play normally and you'll find opportunities (usually during quests) to get them, orsee this articlefor detailed information on how to get new weapons.


If you're installing into an existing game, you may need to reuse actors who have the new weapon if they don't wield it. To do this, just click on an NPC or creature in the console, type and type "disable", then "enable" and close the console. Your new weapon should appear.

Wrye Bash BAIN (recommended)

1. Drop the file into the Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers folder and install as usual. Make sure the mod is active in the Wrye Bash mods tab.
2. Place two ESPs in reasonable places in the loading order, then rebuild your broken patch.


1. Solte os arquivos Unique Artifacts for Unique People.esp, Unique Artifacts for Unique People - Distribution.esp e UniqueArtifacts for Unique People.bsa em sua pasta Data.
2. Activate the mod with any management tool (preferably not with Oblivion Launcher).
3. (Highly recommended) Rebuild your broken patch in Wrye Bash.


Just uninstall via BAIN or manually remove the ESP and BSA this mod adds from your data folder. Then rebuild your clumped patch to match the updated load order.

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