Sudden Extreme Fatigue in the Elderly - (2023)

What is Cancer Fatigue?

Immediate onset of extreme tiredness and dizziness

Fatigue means feeling very tired, exhausted and lacking in energy. It could be a symptom of the cancer itself or a side effect of treatment.

Fatigue is very common in people with cancer. It may be the most worrisome symptom. Many people say it's the most bothersome side effect of all.

Cancer-related fatigue can affect you physically, emotionally and mentally. How long they last, how severe they are, and how often they occur vary from person to person.

Symptoms and signs of fatigue in older adults

Feeling constantly tired and lacking in energy can have harmful side effects for your elderly loved one: as a result of dealing withpersistent fatigue, many older adults suffer from depression, mood swings and anger. Fatigue in older adults, by its very nature, can be difficult to understand. Some people assume that fatigue is just a natural part of aging, but there is often a specific cause that is overlooked. Finding out what could be behind your loved one's tiredness is important for them to feel better. Signs of tiredness can be:

  • complaints of tiredness
  • Sleep many hours at night
  • naps all day
  • the lack of motivation

heart disease and fatigue

Symptoms: Fatigue from an activity that should be easy

If you're tired after an activity that used to be easy — like climbing stairs — it might be time to talk to your doctor about the possibility.heart disease.heart diseaseit is the leading cause of death in women. If your tiredness is related to yourherz, medication or treatment can usually help resolve the problem, reduce fatigue and restore your energy.

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Reasons why seniors may feel more tired

February 1, 2018

Good sleep is important for everyone, but it can be particularly difficult for older adults, and this can happen for a variety of reasons. Feeling awake throughout the day is important for a number of reasons, whether it's because people need to be productive and can't because they feel too tired, or because tiredness hinders the body and mobility and increases the likelihood of tripping and falling. For those already dependent on mobility aids and acurved stair liftIn your home, it's important to be awake to operate equipment for safety reasons. Find out below what could be causing your fatigue.

Top causes of morning tiredness to look out for

Sudden Extreme Fatigue in the Elderly - (1)

Morning drowsiness is usually an indication of lack of adequate sleep. However, the causes of morning tiredness are not limited to sleep problems.

Morning drowsiness is usually an indication of lack of adequate sleep. However, the causes of morning tiredness are not limited to sleep problems.

Do you feel tired in the morning? Well, it could be a symptom of morning drowsiness. As we all know, fatigue is described as a significant drop in energy levels that usually occurs after a hard day at work. This is how the body reacts when you do physical activity for a long period of time without rest. However, feeling tired when waking up in the morning seems unusual. That powerless feeling at sunrise is called morning fatigue.

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Extreme tiredness after eating

Overwhelming fatigue after eating could be a sign of an underlying medical condition.DiabetesIt is a medical condition that affects the body's production of insulin, which is needed to control blood sugar levels. When you eat, your body starts storing sugar in your cells, but if you have diabetes, your body doesn't produce enough insulin to control how much sugar is being stored. Blood sugar spikes from eating can leave you feeling tired and lethargic due to too much sugar in your bloodstream and cells. When enough insulin is produced again to regulate blood sugar levels, glucose can be burned for energy, making you feel less tired.

Medical causes of fatigue

Certain medical conditions and chronic illnesses can also cause fatigue in older people. Some of these conditions include:

Anämie.This occurs when you have a low red blood cell count, which makes your body work harder to provide your cells with the oxygen they need. This can cause fatigue due to the extra stress on your body.

Sleep disorders.sleep disorders likesleep apneainterrupt sleep cycles and can cause interruptions during the night, preventing the patient from achieving meaningful rest. This lack of adequate sleep over a long period of time can lead to fatigue.

thyroid problems.hypothyroidismit occurs more frequently with age and is characterized by subnormal thyroid function. Those with hypothyroidism may experience fatigue along with weight gain,coldand hair loss.

Inflammatory diseases.Inflammation-related problems, such asrheumatoid arthritis and lupus, can cause fatigue, as well as joint stiffness and pain.

Krebs.Cancer cells grow and spread quickly, which can drain a person's energy resources and make them tired.

Chronic fatigue.chronic fatigueit has no known trigger, but it can cause fatigue that lasts for many months and years.

chronic infection.Chronic infections such as tuberculosis and HIV can cause significant fatigue in patients.

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Viral or bacterial infection and fatigue

Symptoms: tiredness,Fever, headache or body aches.

Fatigue can be a symptom of infections ranging from the flu to HIV. If you have an infection, you're likely to have other symptoms, such as a fever, headache or body aches, shortness of breath, or loss of appetite.

Infections that can cause fatigue include:

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  • Gripe

Symptoms: Chronic, profound fatigueMuscle aches, painfuldelicate points,sleepProblems, fears, depression

Fibromyalgiait is one of the most common causes of chronic fatigue and musculoskeletal pain, especially in women.FibromyalgiaEchronic fatigueare considered separate but related diseases. They share a common symptom: severe fatigue, which severely affects people's lives.

ComFibromyalgia, you may feel that no matter how long you sleep, it is never restful. And you may feel that you are always tired during the day. Your sleep may be interrupted by waking up frequently. However, you may not remember having trouble sleeping the next day. some people withFibromyalgialive in a constant fibrous haze - a hazy feeling that makes it difficult to focus.

constant daytime sleepinessFibromyalgiait often leads to people not getting enough exercise. This leads to a declinePhysical aptitude. It can also lead to mood related issues. The best way to offset these effects is to try to exercise more.a practiceit has huge benefits for sleep, mood and fatigue.


fatigue in the elderly

Sudden extreme tiredness | Sally Face [Episode 2: The Misery] Mukbang

fatigueit is often considered a symptom rather than a condition and is distinct from general drowsiness, confusion, and excessive sleepiness. Many older patients use these symptoms interchangeably, making it difficult for their doctors to tell whether what they are experiencing is really fatigue and whether intervention is needed. Older adults are more likely to suffer from declining levels of certain hormones and suffer from chronic illnesses, making them more likely to experience fatigue.

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When is being too tired a problem?

Let's face it: we're not what we were when we got up there. Aging has many wonderful aspects, but one of the many problems is that we no longer have the stamina and energy that we had when we were younger. This is a normal part of aging and just something that comes with the territory. However, excessive tiredness or listlessness can be referred to as fatigue.

What can lead to fatigue in older people

In older people, fatigue can be caused by a variety of underlying issues. In general, fatigue occurs when metabolism, oxygenation, hormone levels, or the body's mental and emotional state are disrupted. The most common causes include depression,problems with blood circulation, impaired breathing , hormonal imbalances such as hypothyroidism, malnutrition and metabolic problems such as diabetes mellitus.

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Can sleep be improved to reduce fatigue caused by cancer?

Sleepit is an important part of well-being. Good sleep can improve your mental and physical health. Several factors contribute to how well you sleep, and there are things you can do to improve your sleep, including:

  • Relaxation exercises, meditation or relaxation yoga before bed.
  • Avoid long afternoon naps.
  • Only go to sleep when you're tired. Use your bedroom only for sleeping and sexual activities.
  • Set a fixed time for going to bed and getting up.
  • avoid caffeineand stimulating evening activities.
  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine.

How is cancer fatigue managed or treated?

Sudden Extreme Fatigue in the Elderly - (2)

The first step in treating fatigue is knowing that the problem exists. Many people don't bother to mention fatigue to their doctors because they believe it's normal. It is important that you discuss this and any symptoms or side effects with your doctor. Then, efforts can be directed towards determining the cause of the problem and prescribing the appropriate treatment. Your specific cancer treatment regimen, with its known side effects, can provide guidance to your doctor or nurse. For example, a simple blood test can determine if you are anemic.

There is no single medication to treat fatigue. However, there are medications that can treat some of the underlying causes.

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If you are struggling, you may want to see a hospice professional. These specialists help people with cancer manage symptoms such asdor, nausea and depression.

Your caregiver or palliative care team may recommend these actions to help relieve fatigue:

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Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is a group of symptoms that occur when blood is not circulating properlyMedicina Johns Hopkins. Doctors don't fully understand the condition or why it happens, but they do know that when a person with POTS stands up, more blood pools in the lower part of the body, causing the heart to beat faster to pump blood to the brain. .

Some people with POTS describe it as sudden bouts of fatigue, while others say it feels like sudden extreme tiredness and nausea or extreme tiredness "out of the blue". It may present differently depending on the person, but other symptoms may include:

  • Feeling dizzy or dizzy when standing up or passing out
  • nausea and vomit
  • muscle cramps or muscle pain
  • Headache
  • unstable feeling
  • sweat a lot

POTS tends to run in families, and there is a link between POTS and highly mobile joints, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. If you think you have it, see your doctor, who can run a test and make a diagnosis.

How to stop tiredness in old age

Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep a fatigue diary to find patterns throughout the day when you feel more or less tired.
  • Play sports regularly. Almost anyone, of any age, can do any type of physical activity.
  • Try to avoid long naps later in the day.
  • stop smoking
  • Ask for help if you feel overwhelmed.

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    When to call your doctor

    If your tiredness is keeping you from participating in work or school, social or personal activities, see your doctor, says Dr. patane.

    "When in doubt, it never hurts to talk to your doctor about this. It can be a simple assessment and we can potentially say nothing is seriously wrong and suggest lifestyle changes," he says. of fatigue is practicing good sleep hygiene and slowly increasing your daily exercise."

    Pots: A Little Known Cause of Extreme Fatigue

    Explanation of Fibromyalgia Sudden Exhaustion Symptom

      Everyone knows what it's like to be tired at the end of a long day. But some people experience fatigue so intensely and seemingly randomly that it's hard to describe. If that sounds familiar, there could be more going on than your daily stress.

      While there are many causes of fatigue, one is often overlooked and misdiagnosed:posturales orthostatisches Tachykardies syndrome. Specialist in Physical Medicine and NeuromusculatureTae Chung, MD, answers questions about POTS and extreme fatigue as one of its symptoms.

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      How to deal with the environment

      Most people feel sleepy after lunch. This energy slump in the afternoon is linked to the brain's circadian rhythm and connected to the human body. Prevention may be impossible, but there are ways to reduce the severity of a break-in, including:

      • Incorporate as many of the above fatigue-fighting suggestions into your lifestyle as possible. A fit, healthy and rested body is less prone to afternoon fatigue.
      • Eat a combination of protein and carbohydrates for lunch, such as a tuna sandwich. Carbohydrates provide glucose for energy. Protein helps keep your mind sharp and alert.
      • To move. A brisk walk or even 10 minutes of stretching at your desk will improve circulation and boost energy.

      How to naturally stimulate appetite in old age

      What is the best natural treatment for loss of appetite in seniors and older adults? If your appetite loss is due to a serious medical condition, treating that condition is the best approach to stimulating your appetite. In general, healthy eating habits need to be promoted among seniors.

      A nutritionist or holistic nutritionist can recommend the best foods and address the root cause of poor appetite. Since loneliness and depression are linked to poor appetite, a counselor or psychotherapist and eating together can also help encourage eating.

      Let's take a look at some of the ways to stimulate appetite in seniors.

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      What is the right type of exercise for cancer fatigue?

      It is important that you train your entire body every day or at least every other day. A good training plan starts slowly and gives your body time to adjust. Any type of exercise is acceptable, including walking, cycling, yoga or swimming, and weight training. Whatever type of exercise you do, it should be of moderate intensity so that you can say to yourself, "I work out a lot." Avoid exercises that make you sore, stiff, or exhausted.

      How will your doctor treat fatigue?

      Sudden Extreme Fatigue in the Elderly - (3)

      Your doctor's recommended treatment plan will depend on what's causing your fatigue. To make a diagnosis, they will likely ask you questions about:

      • the nature of your tiredness, including when it started and whether it gets better or worse at certain times
      • other symptoms you've experienced
      • other medical conditions you have
      • Your lifestyle and sources of stress
      • medications you are taking

      If your doctor suspects that you have an underlying medical condition causing your fatigue, he or she may order some medical tests. For example, you can orderbloodorUrineExams.

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      Sleep suggestions to combat fatigue

      A common cause of fatigue is insufficient or poor sleep. Suggestions include:

      • get enough sleepTwo-thirds of us have trouble sleeping, and many people don't get enough sleep to stay awake all day. Some recommendations for a good night's sleep are: going to bed and waking up at the same time each morning, avoiding naps during the day, and taking a warm bath or shower before bed.
      • limit caffeineToo much caffeine, especially at night, can cause insomnia. Limit caffeinated drinks to five or fewer a day, and avoid these types of drinks after dinner.
      • learn to relaxA common cause of insomnia is worry about problems in bed. Try different relaxation techniques until you find one or two that work for you. For example, think of a relaxing scene, focus on your breathing, or silently repeat a calming mantra or phrase.
      • Avoid sleeping pillsSleeping pills are not a long-term solution, as they do not address the root causes of insomnia.

      How to prevent fatigue in the elderly

      The best way to keep your loved one from getting tired is to encourage them to follow healthy habits on a daily basis. This one contains:

      • Diet. Eating a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water are essential to an overall healthy lifestyle. Your loved one can benefit from eating several smaller meals throughout the day as they have a constant source of energy.
      • A practice.It seems counterintuitive, but if your loved one leads a relatively sedentary lifestyle, more exercise can help them feel less tired. Part of the reason for this is that a lack of exercise leads to muscle wasting, which can make it difficult to perform routine tasks. Exercise can also give your loved ones energy and improve their mood. However, if your loved one hasn't been active in a while, consult a doctor, physical therapist, or sports therapist before trying any new exercise.
      • Stress Reduction Techniques.People often find that mindfulness practices and exercises, such as yoga and tai chi, help them feel less stressed. Planning enjoyable activities can also help your loved one socialize and feel happier and more fulfilled, reducing their risk of developing anxiety or depression.

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      Why is my elderly mother so tired?

      Many seniors also experience fatigue as a side effect of certain medications or medical treatments. Or certain lifestyle habits can make your elderly loved one feel tired. Interestingly, both lack of physical activity and excessive physical activity can lead to fatigue.

      (Video) Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Persistent Fatigue

      Lifestyle tips to combat fatigue

      Clinical picture: Weakness in the legs and paresthesia indicate sudden death

      Suggestions include:

      • Do not smokeCigarette smoke contains many pollutants. There are many reasons why smokers often have lower energy levels than non-smokers, for example so that the body can create the energy it needs to combine glucose with oxygen, but the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke reduces the amount of oxygen available in the blood.
      • Increase physical activityphysical activity boosts energy levels, while a sedentary lifestyle is a known cause of fatigue. Physical activity has many positive effects on the body and mind. Good exercise will also help you sleep better at night. If you have been inactive for a long time, are obese, are over the age of 40 or have a chronic medical condition, seek advice and encouragement about steps you can take towards a more active lifestyle and talk to your doctor.
      • Move more, sit lessCut back on sedentary behaviors such as watching TV and computers, and stop sitting for long periods.
      • Get treatment for substance abuseExcessive drinking or recreational drug use contributes to fatigue and is unhealthy and potentially dangerous.
      • problems at workDemanding jobs, workplace conflicts, and burnout are common causes of fatigue. Take action to resolve your work issues. A good place to start is to talk to your HR manager.

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    • FAQs

      What causes sudden extreme fatigue in elderly? ›

      Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Untreated pain and diseases like fibromyalgia. Anemia. Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

      What is the number one cause of extreme fatigue? ›

      Most of the time fatigue can be traced to one or more lifestyle issues, such as poor sleep habits or lack of exercise. Fatigue can be caused by a medicine or linked to depression. Sometimes fatigue is a symptom of an illness that needs treatment.

      What medical condition causes extreme fatigue? ›

      Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME/CFS, is a complicated disorder. It causes extreme fatigue that lasts for at least six months. Symptoms worsen with physical or mental activity but don't fully improve with rest.

      Does chronic fatigue come on suddenly? ›

      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is not the normal ups and downs experienced in everyday life. The early sign of this illness is a strong and noticeable fatigue that comes on suddenly and often comes and goes or never stops.

      When should I go to the ER for extreme fatigue? ›

      Get emergency help if you have fatigue and any of the following: Chest pain. Shortness of breath. Irregular or fast heartbeat.

      When should I be worried about extreme fatigue? ›

      If the fatigue is associated with chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heart rate, or sense of imminent passing out, these are urgent conditions that warrant immediate medical attention. These could be symptoms of a serious heart condition or major vascular insufficiency.

      What are the 4 major causes of fatigue? ›

      Fatigue can be a normal and important response to physical activity, emotional stress, boredom, or lack of sleep. Fatigue is a common symptom, and it is usually not due to a serious disease. But it can be a sign of a more serious mental or physical condition.

      How do you fix extreme fatigue? ›

      Self-help tips to fight tiredness
      1. Eat often to beat tiredness. ...
      2. Get moving. ...
      3. Lose weight to gain energy. ...
      4. Sleep well. ...
      5. Reduce stress to boost energy. ...
      6. Talking therapy beats fatigue. ...
      7. Cut out caffeine. ...
      8. Drink less alcohol.

      Is it normal for an 80 year old to be tired? ›

      ABSTRACT: Fatigue is a common symptom in elderly persons, but it is often ignored as many patients and healthcare providers assume it is a natural progression of aging or may mistake it for somnolence, dyspnea, or muscle weakness.


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