How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (2023)

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Updated December 29, 2021

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (1)

Your bedroom is much more than a place to sleep, so the right feng shui layout creates an energy that greatly improves many areas of your life. Use some simple bedroom feng shui rules and tips to improve your sleep, enhance your passion and romantic relationship, and create an oasis of calm in a unique space.

Feng Shui room layout

Modern bedrooms have become multifunctional spaces where you can read, watch TV, have sex, sleep, exercise, work and even eat. Unfortunately, creating a bedroom as a multifunctional space can be harmful, she invites(energythat do not support the main goals of the bedroom, such as sleep, relaxation and romance. So, when considering a bedroom layout for feng shui, the first thing to do is to narrow down the uses of the bedroom so that it is dedicated solely to supporting these activities. This means removing all items that don't fit with the main purpose of your room.

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Examples of items and furniture that support these goals include:

  • Beds, sheets and pillows
  • headrest
  • Soft lighting and lamps
  • bedside tables
  • window treatment
  • Chest of drawers or wardrobes
  • additional seats
  • until

The map below shows the ideal arrangement of bedroom furniture according to feng shui, but it can also be placed in other sectors to avoid placing beds that cause negative or destructive energy.

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (2)

The ideal location of the Feng Shui bed

setting the bedit is the most important element of your bedroom decor. Chi goes in and out of the room through windows and doors, and when you sleep, you want to get away from that fast-moving energy. You can also minimize vulnerability with good bed placement according to feng shui. Your bedroom should provide protection and security so that you can rest without fear and without worrying about disturbances and noise. To achieve this, you need to get your bed in the perfect position.

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (3)
  • It is best to place your bed in the love and marriage sector if you can also meet all the other conditions below.
  • Place the bed away from the entrance. This prevents chi from flowing through you while you sleep. If you can't, use a privacy screen or curtain between the bed and the door to slow down the flow of energy into the bedroom.
  • Don't sleep with the door at your feet. This is called the coffin pose and represents death, which is an energy you don't want to cultivate. A privacy screen or curtain at the foot of the bed can help if you have nowhere to put the bed.
  • Place the bed against a solid wall. This will provide strong, solid support and prevent you from feeling the movement behind you.
  • Avoid placing the bed diagonally in a corner. This allows for a lot of energy movement in the head while you sleep.
  • Never place the bed on a wall shared with the bathroom.
  • Try to place the bed against the wall that is diagonally opposite the entrance. This allows you to see anyone who enters your room. Work with limitations though. If the only available space for your bed is on the same wall as the door, place it as far away from the door as possible.
  • Avoid placing the bed under a window or partially blocking the window with a bed or headboard. If you need a bed under a window, place a high headboard that is the same height as the window and leave enough space between the bed and the window to allow you to walk between them. This allows chi to flow when passing through a window.
  • A good bed direction according to feng shui is never towards the bathroom door. Always close the door if necessary.
  • Do not place the bed under the ceiling beams. If you need to, hang a bamboo flute from the rafters to soften the energy.
  • For optimum feng shui, never place a mattress directly on the floor - always use a bed frame and headboard.

If the size or configuration of your room, especially the location of the windows, makes it impossible to follow the principles of feng shui, you can make adjustments.feng shui cures and remedies.

(Video) Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for the Bedroom | Avoid these Taboos! | Julie Khuu

How to Feng Shui your bedroom desk

Your desk represents work and has a lot of active energy that keeps you awake and relaxed. Move the desk to a dedicated office space or other room where more active energy does not interfere with relaxation. If you must have a workspace in your bedroom, try to consider itgood feng shui for tables. Also, choose furniture that can close everything, such as a desk or a wardrobe with a desk that closes as soon as you're done.

Feng Shui rules for the TV in the bedroom

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (4)

Televisions (and other electronic devices) should not be in the bedroom; they produce too much active energy, which can interfere with falling asleep and relaxing. Therefore, for optimal feng shui, keep the TV out of the bedroom. However, if you must haveTV in your room, put it in a closet and close the door before going to bed or cover the TV at bedtime. If the laptop is used as a TV in the bedroom, close it and put it in a drawer before bedtime.

Where will you put the dresser?

The ideal place for a chest of drawers in the bedroom is in the family and new beginnings sector. If feasible, it is ideal for placement against a wall. If your dresser hasmirror, consider removing it or covering the mirror while sleeping to prevent energy from entering the room. You can also put a chest of drawers (with or without a mirror) in the wardrobe and keep the door closed.

Feng Shui rules for the bedroom to consider

Along with the above, the following bedroom feng shui rules can help you create the perfect environment.

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (5)
  • Get rid of clutter; clean it withcabinets, chests of drawers and bedside tables and under the bed. Also remove clutter from all horizontal surfaces.
  • Dirt and dust cause chi to stagnate, which can lead to illness, disharmony in your relationships, and loss of wealth, so keep all surfaces scrupulously clean and dusted.
  • Remove all work and exercise equipment from the room, as they attract active energy that adversely affects sleep and relaxation.
  • Keep mirrors out of the bedroom or place them in a closet with the door closed.
  • Living plants bring a lot of active energy. This works great in other parts of the house, but keep them out of the bedroom.
  • Water does not belong in a feng shui bedroom. Keep water fountains and pictures of water out of your home.
  • Avoid placing furniture that blocks natural paths and doors.
  • To avoidopen shelves; books create poison arrow effect. The solution is to add a glass or wooden door.
  • Place a full-length mirror on the side of the bathroomNextthe door and leave it closed. it will holdbathroom energyin the bathroom and outside the bedroom.

Avoid and repair poisoned arrows

Avoid the destinations they create or fix thempoisoned arrowshe headed for the bed. Poison arrows are created every time you position a wardrobe or chest of drawers so that the sharp edge of the corner is at right angles to the bed.

Sometimes you can't avoid poison arrows in a room layout, but you can use a cure.

  • If furniture creates poison arrows, correct it by hanging amultifaceted crystal ballfrom the ceiling so that it is between the poisoned arrow and the bed.
  • Another solution is to use a drawer guide to hide and smooth the edges of the corners.
  • Place bedside tables on both sides of the bed; just make sure the nightstand is not higher than the mattress as this creates a poison dart aiming at the bed.
  • Open shelves create poisoned arrows. Keep it out of the bedroom or use shelves that close or have glass doors.

How to decorate a small bedroom according to feng shui

Space is at a premium in small bedrooms, which can make it difficult to follow many feng shui principles. So the trick is to make it smaller to fit the size of the room. Here are some feng shui layout tips for a small bedroom:

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (6)
  • Smaller bedrooms can feel cramped and cluttered if not properly maintained. absolutely cleandisorderand make sure you have room for everything.
  • Downsize your furniture to fit your bedroom by opting for a smaller bed and smaller, lighter nightstands and a chest of drawers. You can even try wall-mounted nightstands.
  • Try wall sconces, which are more space-saving than table or floor lamps.
  • When planning your bedroom, start with the placement of the bed as this is the most important aspect of the bedroom.
  • Follow all other feng shui bedroom guidelines and rules.

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Additional Feng Shui tips and ideas for the bedroom

A minimalist bedroom decor helps keep clutter in check, but you'll still want to add a personal touch because it's your sanctuary.

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (7)
  • Make the bed every day.
  • Keep your room clean and free of dust, debris and clutter.
  • Fix anything that breaks, including paint chips, burnt bulbs, etc.
  • Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Bedroom decor and Feng Shui decorations

Try the following personal touches:

  • Bring the items they representearth elementin your room, but do not overdo it; too much of anything quickly becomes a mess.
  • Use soft, indirect lighting to create a relaxing oasis.
  • Choose calming, soothing colors for your bedroom, such as soft yellow or calming blue.
  • When youchoose a wall art, choose cheerful and calm topics. Paired images of nature and motifs such as two mandarin ducks, swans or peach blossoms promote romance and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Place a red chair or lamp in the wealth and prosperity sector to promote good luck in wealth.
  • A chest of drawers or small bookcase in the Family and New Beginnings area enhances family love and well-being, especially when topped with a small plate with overturned rose quartz crystals or a bowl of dark green jade - and no fuss.

Good Feng Shui bedroom layout for love

Feng Shui abounds in ways to activate love and happiness in your relationship in the bedroom. Happiness in love is symbolized by the use of pairs of objects and objects along with different placements. By paying close attention to the design of your bedroom, you can enhance harmony and love in your life.

How to Feng Shui Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace | Love Know (8)
  • Place the bed in the part of the bedroom dedicated to love and marriage.
  • Decorate with pairs of items representing love and relationships.
  • Bring rose quartz into your bedroom to promote love and romance. Place them in the wealth and prosperity sector or the love and romance sector.
  • Red can ignite passion, but use it with caution - too much can keep you awake by over-stimulating your energy. Add small accents of red, such as a pillow, chair or lamp.
  • Add some other love items, such as pictures of peonies or a pair of mandarin ducks.
  • Place items in the bedroom in pairs: for example, two pillows or matching nightstands.

Cultivate a calming and peaceful space

Your bedroom is your space YOU. This is your sanctuary where you go to rest and renew yourself. Using feng shui allows you to cultivate a calm and serene energy so you can recharge your batteries even after hectic days.

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How do I make an oasis in my bedroom? ›

10 ways to transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis
  1. Treat yourself to some new bed linen. ...
  2. Declutter your bedside table. ...
  3. Hide your wires. ...
  4. Get the right mattress. ...
  5. Move your furniture around. ...
  6. Add spring accents. ...
  7. Adjust your lighting. ...
  8. Introduce some greenery.
Apr 7, 2017

How do I Feng Shui my bedroom for love? ›

If you want to feng shui your bedroom for love and romance, put photos of your family in other rooms in the house. If you're single and looking for a partnership, avoid images of single people or objects. Instead, focus on artwork that depicts couples, or two items in the image, or choose artwork that comes in pairs.

How do I arrange my bedroom for positive energy? ›

Doors should open and close smoothly, nothing should block its movement as that also means blocking of good vibes and fresh air. Keep the bedroom neat and tidy regularly. An untidy and cluttered room attracts negative energy and will weigh you down, while clean surroundings can give a fulfilling effect to the room.

What is the Feng Shui for peace in the bedroom? ›

Summary. In feng shui, certain colors are thought to promote peaceful vibes and restful sleep in the bedroom. Opt for muted shaded such as off-white, creams, and browns.

What color attracts love in Feng Shui? ›

Pink is the first colour that Feng Shui experts recommend you use if your goal is to attract an abundance of love. Pink tones are associated with femininity, sensitivity, and romanticism, allowing them to harmonise with the energy of romantic love.

What brings good luck to bedroom? ›

Alongside auspicious red, other good bedroom colors include yellows, browns, and oranges due to their earthy appeal. the earth element in Feng Shui is connected with grounding and stability which is needed to achieve good luck in life.

How to use Feng Shui to bring positive vibes into your bedroom? ›

  1. Ground the Space With a Rug. Feng shui experts agree that rugs stabilize energy in the room. ...
  2. Avoid Under-Bed Storage. Purge that negative chi by purging the junk under your bed. ...
  3. Always Make Your Bed. ...
  4. Keep the Bed Away from the Bathroom Door. ...
  5. Create Symmetry.
Oct 19, 2022

Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom Feng Shui? ›

Generally speaking, Feng Shui experts do not recommend placing a mirror directly across from the door leading into your room, but rather on a wall perpendicular to it. If you have placed your bed in the correct commanding position, it means the mirror won't be placed behind the bed but along the side.

What color is peace in bedroom? ›

Blue promotes a feeling of calmness and serenity. It can also be linked to feelings of trust, stability, and dependability. One study by Travelodge found that households that have blue bedrooms received the best night's sleep compared to any other color.

What is the most important room in Feng Shui? ›

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. We spend a third of our lives asleep. Therefore, it is especially important to keep our bedrooms free of harmful, pathogenic or disturbing influences. The body needs to be able to recover so the mind can come to rest.

How do I make my bedroom a romantic sanctuary? ›

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary
  1. Start with Neutrals. The first guideline I follow for a relaxing bedroom design is to start with neutral colors. ...
  2. Focus on Ease. ...
  3. Bring in the Light. ...
  4. Keep Textiles Soft and Cozy. ...
  5. Use Natural Materials. ...
  6. Create a Peaceful Atmosphere. ...
  7. Keep it Clean. ...
  8. Keep it Minimal with Functional Pieces.
Mar 10, 2021

How to create a spiritual bedroom? ›

A spiritual room should be as free from distractions as possible. If there is a window in the room that looks out onto a street or another noisy or distracting area, consider adding curtains or light-blocking curtains. Soundproofing materials also may be effective in a spiritual room.

How do I make my bedroom feel like a cave? ›

As a compromise, get into the habit of a wind-down routine before bed – dim the lights, read a book or play some soothing music. Anything that relaxes and makes you feel calm. If you have a study in your bedroom, a curtain hiding away your workstation is a good way of clearly demarcating bedtime from work time.

Where is the love corner in the bedroom? ›

Your love corner will always be the south-west corner of the bagua (Feng Shui compass). Once your work out where this area is, you can focus on decorating and making sure it's inviting positive energy.

What should I keep in my bedroom for love? ›

Add Symbols of L-O-V-E, Candles, Red, Pink and Good Scents

In your bedroom and in in Love area(s) add candles, fresh flowers (never fake flowers) and pink or red objects.

What is the Feng Shui symbol for love? ›

One of the most well-known feng shui products that symbolise love and relationships are the mandarin ducks. They are known as yuan-yuang in the Chinese language.


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