Guiding Feng Shui sleep instructions for good luck (2023)

The average person spends a third of their day sleeping. He also spends two thirds of his time at home sleeping.

It is therefore not surprising that the direction of sleep in the home, in the bedroom, is critically important in feng shui.

Since different types of energy come from different directions, sleeping with the head pointing in a certain direction implies that a person will absorb positive energy during the night while sleeping soundly or will be bombarded with negative energy all the time.

To eliminate any confusion, when we talk about feng shui sleeping direction, we mean the direction a person's head points when sleeping in a normal upright position.

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And while the direction, orientation, and position of the bed all play a role in shaping the direction of sleep, that's not the topic of this discussion.

People are in their power to put the bed in one way and sleep in it in an unconventional way. Some can even sleep in a position with their feet at the head of the bed.

Bed placement is a common topic of thought, as homeowners often view bed position as static. Meaning, once they settle on one, they tend to stay in that particular position and orientation for a long time.

This is partly because the furniture and accessories will be designed with the position of the bed in the design in mind.

But there's no hard and fast rule that says it has to be this way.

Many people around the world sleep on mattresses without mattresses. And they can move their mattresses around every day without having to decide and decide on a permanent sleeping area or direction.

The issue of feng shui bed direction will be discussed on another day.

Bed placement has many more considerations than where the resident's head will point.

For now, this discussion is only to determine the best feng shui dream direction for a person to harness positive energy for good luck.

8 manos feng shui

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The essence of almost all feng shui concepts for determining a favorable sleeping direction is found in the teachings of the 8 mansions school of thought.

8 feng shui mansions, which can be read onmore details here, is based on instructions and establishes that each individual carries a kua number that whencalculated, you will discover 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable directions.

Among the 4 favorable directions, the most auspicious and desirable direction is the Sheng Chi (SC) direction.

For example, if you have a Kua number of 6, the SC direction would be West according to East House and West House.low hill. This will be followed by the other 3 favorable directions of Northeast, Southwest and Northwest.

The SC direction is the one that all feng shui enthusiasts should aim for.
However, if it's impossible to orient your rest position to point in that direction, any of the remaining 3 favorable directions would at least do you no harm.

Sometimes the best feng shui is to prevent bad luck instead of enjoying good luck.

Therefore, if your current sleep orientation has your head pointing in one of the 4 unfavorable directions, it is absolutely necessary that you change your sleep configuration so that it points in a favorable direction.

The good news is that there will be 4 to choose from. Surely you would be able to adjust and change to a favorable orientation.

flying star feng shui

Although feng shui practitioners rarely applyflying star feng shuito analyze the directions of the dream, more and more are doing it.

And there is a basis for this.

To determine favorable directions, it is necessary to identify the natal chart of the house.

For example, if the house in question isperiod 8 against W1, then you would have the natal chart below.

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As you can see, there is a double 8star combinationresident in the east

So a home occupant who wants to take advantage of this prosperous combination of water and mountain stars might want to sleep in an east-facing position to soak up all that feng shui candy.

In that sense, it would also be disastrous to have your head pointed to the northwest, as there is a 5-2 disease mix in that direction.

This simple concept of choosing directions can also be applied to the basics of magic squares.

In accordance withluo shudiagram (magic squares), the 5 different elements will occupy the different directions of the compass.

  • Madeira to the east and southeast
  • fire in the south
  • Land in the northeast and southwest
  • metal west and northwest
  • north water

When we look at the above, it can also be assumed that even thebagua mapIt can be incorporated into all of that.

If a person knows what specific elemental energy they need to increase their luck for good luck, they can orient their dream direction to tap into that specific elemental energy.

This exercise is best done when you can identify your personal element in the Bazi analysis.

Which brings us to the next method of using bazi.


Bazi is a complex method of fortune telling and fate analysis.

Although in-depth advanced analysis is beyond the comprehension of the common person, thebasics of baziit can be easily understood and applied by anyone.

For example, if you are male and can identify your own element as Earth, then the following aspects of life can be labeled for the different elements.

  • The earth represents friends, brothers and colleagues.
  • Fire represents resources and support.
  • Water represents wealth and wife.
  • wood represents state
  • Metal represents intelligence and creativity.

With the above, if your bazi claims that you are someone who lacks the metallic elements or is in need of more studious luck, then the metallic west and northwest directions will be what you want to sleep with.

And if you want more romantic luck in finding a wife, then the northern water direction may be beneficial.

The Chinese zodiacs also play a role in bazi and can be applied to sleep guidance as well.

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For example, if the animal sign of the Chinese zodiac isPuppy, your secret friend would be theCoelhoeastward. In that case, if you want to increase your luck to find more useful secret friends, sleeping in the east direction can attract such luck.

As you can see, if you can understand the concepts for determining feng shui dream directions, you can apply it for almost any purpose.

On a final note, I would like to remind you that most feng shui masters only use the 8 mansions concepts when determining the dream direction of family members.

So the last piece of advice I would give is, when in doubt, use 8 mansion concepts.

It is also probably the simplest to implement.

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