Feng Shui Bedroom Layout - 8 Ways to Arrange a Rejuvenating Space (2023)

Although you may know some of the basics of feng shui, do you know how important a room's bedroom layout is in achieving the ultimate feng shui space?

When thinkingQuart Feng Shui, it is important to consider the basics of a feng shui bedroom layout and what elements to introduce into the space. while manybedroom design ideasFunctional, a feng shui bedroom layout can help improve the flow of chi and bring positive energy into your space.

"When you are in the passive yin state, you are very receptive to the energies around you," says an interior designer and feng shui consultant.Anjie Cho(opens in new tab), “That is why it is very important to look at the feng shui of your space. It's important to realize that your space, your bedroom, is a very important area of ​​your home. Here, experts shared their advice on how to design a bedroom for the best flow of energy.

Layout nach Quarto-Feng Shui

The first step in defining a feng shui bedroom layout is to make the intention of the space clear, says the holistic interior designer.Anna Lippett(opens in new tab). "Since the needs of multiple people need to be considered when designing a bedroom, it's often important to ask yourself, 'How do you want to feel?' in the bedroom.

"Do you want to sleep better? Or maybe you want to read or spend more time on beauty and self-care routines in your bedroom? Maybe it's more romance you want to attract? In feng shui it is very important to be clear about the intention of the room in order to create a layout that suits your needs.'

When creating oneFeng Shui lucky room, furniture placement is everything.

1. Set up your bed correctly

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Good placement of feng shui furnitureis at the heart of any feng shui bedroom design. With the main function of the bedroom, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the room. It is therefore essential to havegood feng shui bed placement and understandwhy a headboard is important for Feng Shui.

"You want to make sure your bed is in the command position," Anjie says, "that means you put it diagonally across from the door so you can see the door without being directly aligned with it." The door brings you straight into the "coffin position" and you are believed to be vulnerable to forces entering through the door. It is recommended to avoid the coffin position to keep you safe at night.

Another way to create a sense of a safe start in feng shui is through avoidancePut a bed under a windowas this is believed to lead to and prevent restless sleep and lack of supportFeng Shui Position des Todes.

2. Put a bedside table on each side of the bed

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When designing a feng shui bedroom layout, you need to consider symmetry.Symmetry in interior designit can create a sense of balance and calm - so it's no surprise that it's used in a feng shui room. While the bedside table rule is debated by some feng shui practitioners, many believe that two bedside tables can ensure energy balance in your romantic life. Two identical bedside tables, preferably with rounded edges to avoid negative energy and cuts near the bed, can create a harmonious space and improve relationships.

3. Avoid mirrors in direct line of sight to the bed

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There is a lot of discussion about thisYou should have a mirror in your roomor not when it comes to feng shui. However, our experts recommend it – as long as they are placed correctly.

Anna explains: “In Feng Shui, mirrors represent the element of water. They reflect and amplify energy, so avoid positioning yourself in front of the bed to get a good night's sleep.'

Anjie, on the other hand, recommends using itFeng Shui bedroom mirrorto ensure the correct positioning of the bed. "If you can't have your bed at eye level with the door, you can set up a mirror to see the reflection of the door. The most important thing in terms of design is to have the bed in the right position instead of the mirror.”

4. Make sure your bed is accessible from both sides

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Having space on either side of the bed is not only functional, but is said to help balance yin and yang. Positioning your bed this way can help keep the energy flowing throughout the bedroom. Closing one side can create imbalanced yin or yang energy when it is important to nurture both sides. Whenever possible, try to secure about 18 inches on each side of the bed.

It is important to note that there is an exception for cots, as the beds can provide extra support against the wall.

5. Make sure you have enough storage space - and avoid clutter under the bed

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"Ideally, you don't have anything under your bed," warns Anjie. In addition to space on both sides of the bed for energy to flow, space under the bed prevents clutter from accumulating and also allows energy to pass under the bed. This is believed to benefit your health and peace of mind.

From a feng shui perspective, closed storage is ideal as it hides clutter and emotionally charged items. However, if you require under bed storage like this may be the caseSmall bedroom ideas, it's best to have sleep-related items like sheets, comforters, or pillows to help the room feel restful.

6. Don't place your bed under a beam or ceiling fan

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For the best feng shui bedroom design, try not to place your bed under oppressive architectural features like beams, sloping ceilings, or ceiling fans. These large functions can create unwanted pressure during sleep. If you can't move your bed, you can get around this by draping fabric to hide the ceiling—like a four-poster bed, or blending the architectural feature with the rest of the room by painting it the same color as the ceiling .

7. Try to keep the office out of the bedroom

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If possible, the ideal feng shui bedroom layout will not have a desk - although this can be difficult as many of us continue to work from home.

GebFeng-Shui-Büroprefers to have a separate space for their workspace as the desk represents their work and career and can be very stimulating in the relaxing space of the bedroom.

If you must have a desk in your feng shui bedroom, pay attention to its location. Try one of several possible onesRoom divider ideasto easily separate the desk from the sleeping area and create separate feng shui 'zones'.

8. Be careful when placing decoration and personal belongings

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When it comes to a feng shui bedroom layout, the placement of personal items and art can also affect the flow of energy and the sense of space. Anna suggests that you should “display personal items and photos in the right corner of your room or room as you enter. Because in the philosophy of feng shui, this is the area that can affect your love and relationships.”

You should avoid hanging art above your bed and headboard whenever possible. "Place an artwork or decorative object that makes you feel elevated so that it's the first thing you see," says Anna. "Think about what you want to see when you wake up and put art on the wall opposite your bed."

What is the best direction for your bed?

The best orientation for your bed is south - this means lying with your head south and your feet north. The reverse of this is considered the worst orientation.

However, if you cannot position your bed in this direction, then follow the other feng shui bed design rules.

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