Feng Shui Bedroom Design Generator + 7 Design Rules (2023)

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The bedroom is the most intimate place in your home as it is where you spend most of your free time. Increase your recovery energy. Therefore, you need to arrange the furniture in this room wisely. In feng shui, there are certain rules for planning your bedroom furniture.

By following them, you will ensure a constant flow of chi energy. We'll discuss these rules below and go over some tips to increase the flow of positive energy in your life. Read the guide to the end to learn how to plan a feng shui room design and discover a simple schedule to arrange furniture quickly and cheaply. Without further ado, let's get started.

What is Feng Shui and how does it work?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on improving chi energy flows through the organization of your living space. Although "Feng Shui" translates to "water wind" in English, it is about working with 5 natural elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) and balancing them within yourself. According to Feng Shui, this brings harmony to your life and makes your environment appear more cohesive. This practice is common in bedroom organization and we will focus on it in this guide. But you can use the following feng shui bedroom ideas to decorate other rooms in your house.

Feng Shui Bedroom Design Generator + 7 Design Rules (7)

Important feng shui rules to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules

A beginner in the practice of feng shui? Read the ground rules to learn the first steps you can take to implement it in your home, and see some helpful feng shui bedroom examples.

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clean your bedroom

First, get rid of items you don't use and items that make your room look cluttered and messy. Keep the things you use every day neatly organized and stored. This will allow for a smoother flow of chi energy in your room. Ideally, do not store anything under the bed or limit it to soft clothing or bedding.

Avoid multitasking rooms

A bedroom is a panacea for relaxation and love. Feng Shui suggests that you should only support these uses. Don't set up work, eating, or exercise areas in your bedroom. Also avoid any electronic devices. However, if you must have a television or a desk in your bedroom, close it off with a curtain, a swing door or a partition, for example.

Stick with the natural tones

Consider natural, earthy colors when choosing a color palette for your room. Would you like to make the room more spacious by painting the walls white? Instead, try muted tones: cream, mother-of-pearl, cotton, or country white. Alternatively, set accents with vintage brown, grass green or anthracite. The same applies to decoration.

Balance all 5 materials

Feng Shui combines wood with security and stability. Use this material for furniture and bedroom decoration: sofas, beds, dressers, frames, etc. The other 4 elements provide intense energy. So you must use them carefully: plants for water and earth, candles for fire, small steel or copper objects for metal.

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Follow the rules for positioning the bed

Place your bed in the dominant position: headboard against the wall, facing the front door. However, it must be diagonal from the door and not directly in a line. Do you have a bedroom with two doors? The rule applies to both. There should be no windows behind the bed. Don't put your bed against a wall that you share with the bathroom.

Make sure that your room is not too spacious.

If your room is too spacious, the Chi energy will run amok, which can negatively affect sleep. An elegant solution is to frame the bed with a rug. In this way you balance the flow of energy and complete your interior. Also, make sure that the mirrors do not reflect your bed and are not in line with the doors.

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Avoid poison darts aimed at the bed.

A poison dart is when a sharp edge of a piece of furniture points at the bed at an angle. How to divide them: Soften the edges of the corners with a rug or place nightstands on each side of the bed to increase the space of the bed. However, its height should be less than that of the mattress and the bed.

Do you need a feng shui design generator?

Try Interior Design 3D and get access to:

  • Integrated plans: apartments and houses.
  • Virtual tour, 2D and 3D view modes
  • More than 600 individual furniture and decorative elements

Design a bedroom according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui has many other rules that you can research yourself if you are interested. Above, we first discussed all the basic elements that you can incorporate into your interior. But what's the best way to implement all these configuration rules without costly bugs? Start by brainstorming your feng shui bedroom design. This way, you can try out new interior design ideas, set furniture sizes, and see what your dream bedroom will look like.

You don't need a professional 3D modeling program or extensive manuals to create your design. Just use Interior Design 3D, a feng shui bedroom design app for beginners. Let's see what this software can do for you.

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Step 1. Start a new bedroom project

From the Interior Design 3D home menu, select New Project to redecorate your bedroom from scratch or rearrange an existing floor plan. Alternatively, you can test your ideas on a ready-made 3D house model or apartment template. If you're starting with a blank project, select the Draw Rooms in Your Home option and start adding walls. Use other tools in the Project tab to add a bedroom of any shape: square bedroom, rectangular master bedroom, diagonal bedroom, etc., then mark windows, doors, and partitions.

Feng Shui Bedroom Design Generator + 7 Design Rules (15)

In the project tab, arrange a bedroom in any way

Step 2. Customize your floor plan

Decide on the right colors and textures for the walls, floor, and ceiling. Select your bedroom on the 2D plan and switch to the Properties tab. Select the desired materials from the program's internal library or import your own. Drag the Scale slider to set the size of the patterns. Go back to the Project tab to customize your plan with furniture. Pay special attention to the placement of the bed. The best position for your bed is between two windows. Change the material, color and size of the furniture in the Properties tab.

Feng Shui Bedroom Design Generator + 7 Design Rules (16)

Use the 5 elements of feng shui in the interior of your bedroom

Step 3. Save your feng shui project

Happy with your bedroom plan? Print it with the built-in print module, either the plan, the 3D model or both on the same page. Choose your printer from the dropdown menu, select the correct paper size and orientation, and adjust the margins. Be sure to put a check mark next to Show Dimensions. Finally, click the Print button. Alternatively, you can save your project in the feng shui bedroom design creator to come back to later.

Feng Shui Bedroom Design Generator + 7 Design Rules (17)

Print your 2D plan and 3D model on a single page

This way, you can create an accurate feng shui bedroom arrangement, save money on costly mistakes, and let your imagination run wild. Also, having a plan will help you come up with a perfect furniture layout, even for a small room, that follows the bagua room map. With Interior Design 3D, the process is quick and easy, regardless of your skill level. Get the trial version of the program if you want to see Interior Design 3D in action and create some feng shui floor plans for free. We wish you peace of mind in your new and improved living space.


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