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What are the best factions in ESO? What is the best ESO Alliance? Is the Alliance important at ESO?
When I started playing THIS, I had a lot of questions!
Plus all the info I wish I had when I logged into the game in 2014.
For that reason, I decided to make this Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, which addresses all the questions that wouldn't fit inMy ESO Beginner's Guide.

Is Elder Scrolls online pay-to-win?

In fact, you can pay to win Elder Scrolls Online now that you can gift other players crowns and other items from the crown shop.
That way you can sell/trade crowns for in-game gold, which in turn can pay good players to take you even the toughest paths.

So yes, Elder Scrolls Online is now Pay to Win.
If you have the money to do that, you can pay the trail guild to farm the best gear and get all the skins and achievements, but where's the fun in that?
My advice is to enjoy the game as it is, don't worry about winning THIS or paying to win. The Elder Scrolls Online FAQ can inspire you in any way in the game.

Can you just THAT?

If you practice hard, get the right gear, and learn to stay alive, you can only make 85% of ancient scrolls online. Some things like group events, veteran group dungeons, and paths you won't be able to go solo in ESO.

What are the best factions in ESO?

The best ESO factions only matter in PvP, battlegrounds, and where the story begins.
In ESO you have three factions, Ebonheart Pact (Red), Daggerfall Covenant (Blue) and Aldmeri Dominion (Yellow).
Outside of PvP, you can group with all factions, you are also free to choose up to 5 guilds, regardless of which faction the guild originated from.

It's beneficial to be in a guild where most of the members are in the same faction as you. When your friends want PvP and you're on the opposing team, it's fun for five minutes, after which you just want to join your friends.

What is the maximum level in ESO?

The maximum level in ESO is level 50, after that you start advancing in Champion Points with a maximum of 3600, but with a cap of 830CP at the end of 2020.

Although Champion Points are capped, you can still earn up to a maximum of 3600 Champion Points, but you can only use 810CP.
This might be the biggest flaw in the major online scrolls, that progression is no longer an option after 810 champion points.

Even if you can't progress further, Zenimax still offers 4 major updates every year. As such, it still has a lot of content, and I'm sure this Elder Scrolls Online FAQ will be even longer in the future because of that.

(Video) 12 Beginner Tips This Game NEVER EXPLAINS! - IMPORTANT Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Guide!

How to use mounts in ESO?

How to use mounts in Elder Scrolls online is very easy.
You get a free Sorrel Horse at level 10. If this is your first character it should activate automatically, but in case it didn't just press U, choose Mounts and activate your Sorrel Horse, from now on you can only press H (as long as
are outside) and you will use your NISSO mount.

The important thing to remember in ESO when it comes to mounts is to remember to train all three of your riding skills.
Each skill starts at 0 and can be trained to level 60, it costs 250 gold and you can train once every 20 hours.
It will take 180 days / 6 months or more to get all three to rank 60.
You need to do this with every character you decide to make.

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Is THIS or WoW better?

THIS is "better" than WoW in many ways, but it's also more challenging.
It takes skill and practice to get really good at The Elder Scrolls Online, while it takes time and patience to get to the top of WoW.

It all comes down to the combat system, where WoW is made with what was available when it was developed. Since then, MMORPGs have increasingly merged with FPS. In ESO, you both need to be able to block, evade, manage resources, and switch skill bars. In WoW, you just need to be in range, have line of sight, and manage your skill cooldowns.

When you read this answer, on the Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, you can be sure I'm biased. I played WoW for many years and switched to IT. I tried to go back twice, and both times the outdated combat system is what made me stick with it.

What is the best ESO class?

The best overall class in ESO is Magicka Templar as it is the easiest to play very well in all three roles (Healer, Tank and Damage Dealer).
Magicka Templar is the best healer class in ESO, but when it comes to tanking a Dragonknight it's easier andDPD.

But when it comes to what is the best class in ESO, you will certainly hear from anyone who plays a class as their main character that the one they play is the best class in the online scrolls.

What is the best alliance in ESO?

Many players come from Skyrim and because of this, they tend to choose Ebonheart Pact as their faction/alliance. Players who came from WoW and played Horde also went this route or Daggerfall Covenant.
This more or less leaves those who play Alliance in WoW to take the Gauntlet to the Queen and the Aldmeri Dominion.

You can pay with crowns and get tokens that can change your race, name and alliance/faction. But that's a subject for an entirely different Elder Scrolls online FAQ question.

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Is alliance important at ESO?

Yes and why not?
The best alliance has always been important in ESO as long as you play PvP. In PvE, there is almost no consequence, as ESO in 2020 is updated to "One World".
If you want to play a specific race but want another faction/Alliance, you need to buy the "Any Race, Any Alliance" pack from the Crown Store.
This will give you the option to freely choose from all races and play them in any alliance.

Does race really matter at ESO?

the raceIt really matters in ESO, the buffs of each run make a huge difference depending on your playstyle, overall build and role (Tank, Healer, DPS) and whether you're going the Stamina or Magical Power route.

This might be the best Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, as each class can fill every role, but the setup is very different if you choose a Dragonknight Tank or Dragonknight Damage Dealer (the triple D).
To make sure you pick the right race for your class and playstyle, check out this video or read this post here on the Players Dojo.

Can you play with any ESO faction?

As long as you're playing PvE, you can play anyone, no matter what alliance they belong to. If you play PvP, you can only team up with members of your own alliance. The game experience won't be much different no matter which alliance you play, as the story magically takes you to play with the other alliances after saving your own alliance.

It is recommended that you start playing with the race and class that you like best and try out the alliance you were born into first. That's because ESO's story and questline are so engrossing that you're bound to miss them.
Over time I'll walk you through the entire game, there's so much more to this Elder Scrolls online FAQ.

What is the best faction in ESO?

If you want to play PvP on the European server, it's best to choose Daggerfall Covenant or Aldmeri Dominion as they seem to be more populated during the day. No faction is the best faction in ESO, but it seems that more players are Blue Alliance on the EU server.
Ebonheart Pact seems to come out when it's dark.
Aldmeri Dominion then retrieves the map in the morning and can usually hold it for more hours of the day on average, making it the monthly or weekly winner.

What is the best class for DPS in ESO?

sorcerer, dragon knight, and Nightblade take turns being thebest class for DPS in ESO. With every Zenimax update you can be sure they try to modify the game. Zenimax calls this game balancing, and 99% of the time it fails.

But this is by far the most frequently asked question and deserves a place in this online Elder Scrolls FAQ.
Since 2014 it seems like most of the time you have resistance classes as the best class for DPS in ESO.
Still, we're talking about Sorcerer, DragonKnight, and NightBlade.
You shouldn't pick your class from the one that's hot right now, as this flavor of the month usually only lasts for 2-3 months.
So you hold your breath for the next update and hope your class doesn't get nerfed.

What is the easiest class to play in ESO?

The easiest class to play in Elder Scrolls Online is Templar Magicka.
With its one-button damage and self-healing rolled into one, Templar Magicka can be played by even the laziest and most inexperienced player.

(Video) The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Part 34 AGGRESIVE NEGOTIATIONS - Gameplay & Commentary

A close second is the Sorcerer, both Magicka and Stamina.
The Sorcerer's SkillIncrease(Morphs to Power Surge and Critical Surge) is buffed and heals itself, the Stamina version (Critical Surge) is especially strong. If you want a healing skill even earlier, your pets can transform to have the healing skill, which means you can get it at level 4 or 5.

The reason the mage is close and not number one is because the Surge skill takes time to obtain, and even if you transform a pet to heal you still need to activate the skill, where Templar Magicka takes the damage . A /autocure button immediately and you just need to access the Morph option.

Since this is just an Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, you can read or view beginners' guides for all classes here on the Lost Yogi website.

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How much DPS should I do THAT?

If you are a dedicated damage dealer, your DPS (Damage Per Second) in boss fights should be above 50,000.
The best Damage Dealers do over 100,000 DPS
If you're a dedicated healer, you should still help your party by adding damage when you're not healing. A healer's DPS must be above 15,000.
The tank's DPS should be between 5 and 10,000, unless we're talking about late-game lanes, where your main focus should be on survivability while clearing mobs and buffing up your teammates.

How much DPS he should be doing is a matter of arbitration. The real question should be how much DPS should I be doing, being on top trail teams?
This is also easy to answer, as the late game lane damage dealers deal over 90,000 DPS. With only 12 members in a test team, 2 are taken by healers and 1-2 are taken by tanks, you should be in the top 8 damage dealers in your guild.

This question deserves its own guide, and not just a mention in this online Elder Scrolls FAQ, I recommend you read my
Maximize your DPS – ESO DPS Tutorial.

How do I increase my DPS in ESO?

  • To increase your DPS in ESO, the following factors come into play.
  • Raise your level.
  • Upgrade your team.
  • Choose beneficial set bonuses.
  • Distribute your Champion Point to support DPS building.
  • Level up your skills and upgrade your abilities.
  • Debuff boss mobs com Major Fraction e Major Breach.
  • Learn to weave light attacks between each skill use.
  • Learn the best skill rotation.
  • Use buff food (2 stats or legendary).
  • Use enhancement potions.
  • Choose the best career.
  • Use the class benefit.
  • Remember to switch bars

To increase your DPS in Elder scrolls online many aspects are taken into consideration. How strong are your characters built and leveled up?
If you haven't reached level 50 and 160 Champion Points yet, you should focus on that, as the right level 160cp gear will help a lot.

I wrote and recorded the Elder Scrolls DPS Beginners Guide.
You can find the written ESO DPS guide here and the video tutorial here.
That would be too extensive to cover in detail in this Elder Scrolls online FAQ.
(Links will be added when it's 100% ready.)

Why is my DPS so low in ESO?

  • Check your equipment, if it's broken, go fix it.
  • If your gear is more than 10 levels below you, get new gear.
  • Have your weapons been upgraded to gold/legendary?
  • If not, upgrade to at least purple.
  • 160 champion point weapons must ALWAYS be legendary (lose 200 weapon power/spell power if not gold).
  • Have you leveled up your skills?
  • Did you improve your skills?
  • Do you use the right skills (DOTS+DD)?
  • Do you use light/medium/heavy attacks in between using skills?
  • Debuff for mobs?

If you're new to Elder Scrolls online, you should check out this DPS tutorial I made. It explains every aspect of how to maximize your DPS.

(Video) The Dojo - The Elder Scrolls Online - Part 1

I also made it on this page so you can read it.
Maximize your DPS – ESO DPS Tutorial.

How do you get more backpack space at ESO?

You have three ways to get more bag space in ESO: you can get it from the bag vendor in any major city. Second, you can buy more bag space with crowns at the Crown Store. Finally, you can improve your piloting skill, this way you can get another 60 pockets for bags. In total, you can upgrade up to 210 luggage spaces.

He cancheck upgrade cost here.

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Is ESO Plus worth it in 2023?

With ESO Plus you have access to all zones except the big expansions, that alone is worth it, so you don't have to buy all the DLCs and end up leaving the game in 2 months. You also get crafting bags, and if you've only played ESO a little, you don't need this Elder Scrolls online FAQ to tell you that bag space is in high demand!

ESO Plus by itself doesn't make ESO Pay to Win, but it does make the game a lot more fun.

This is the Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, congratulations on making it this far.
I highly recommend reading the article here about Players Dojo
19+ BEST ways to earn gold in The Elder Scrolls Online“.

Elder Scrolls Online: Finale FAQ.

This time around, that was it for the Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, but please check back as this is updated regularly.
By now it should be clear what the best ESO factions are, whether alliance is important in ESO, and how to get the highest DPS.
Also, I recommend that you read myElder Scrolls Online 2023 Beginner's Guideif you haven't read it yet.

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