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Buying a home is never easy. There are many Feng Shui factors and rules for buying a home or considering buying any property.

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House hunting can be quite daunting. Owners want everything to be perfect; they want to find a home that meets all their requirements and is lucky for them.

But sometimes, they are not aware of certain pitfalls that can cost them a lot.

When looking for a house with good Feng Shui, you should consider the location of the house, its appearance, the location, the number of rooms, the size of the house, the history of the house and its entrance. Looking for them can help you buy the best home for you.

Most of the time, homeowners investigateFeng Shuias soon as they make the purchase. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

Repair of damage to homes withfeng shui mauit can be very expensive and time consuming.

Therefore, you must look for a house with good Feng Shui to save yourself from all the inconveniences that may arise.

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    9 Essential Feng Shui Rules for Buying a Home

    Here are some essential factors to consider before buying a home.

    9 Feng Shui Rules for Buying a Home [That Cannot Be Ignored] - Fengshuitrics (1)

    1. The appearance of the house

    For many, the appearance of the house from the outside can seem like a very superficial factor when looking for a home. However, curb appeal is very important in Feng Shui.

    When your home doesn't look attractive from the outside, it will lack positive energy.

    From the outside, the house should look attractive. You must feel very attractive. If any stranger comes to your house, he must love the way the house looks from the outside.

    • You need to look at the quality from the outside.
    • In addition, you needfocus on painting,the roof, and the entry, as they all contribute to the exterior of the home.
    • Consider how easily you were able to find this home.It shouldn't be too difficult to locate.. If it was difficult for you to find this place, positive energy will not flow easily either.

    2. Neighborhood

    Remember that you want a positive flow of energy in your home. If there is positive energy flowing through your neighborhood, naturally there is a greater chance that you will benefit from it.Click here to learn 10 Powerful Feng Shui Cures for Dealing with Bad Neighbors.

    • Take your time to walk around and explore the surroundings.Consider how well your neighbors take care of their homes.
    • See how clean their houses are on the outside.Also, focus on the road around you.
    • Look around the trees to see if they are in good condition. If they are well taken care of, it means that your neighbors are concerned about their well-being.
    • You mustavoid homes next to derelict buildings or vacant lots. It is always better to look for a house in an area where many people live. This is not only safe, but also beneficial for positive chi.
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    3. Size of the house

    The size of the home is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a home.

    Unfortunately, most people make a common mistake because they believe that bigger property is always better. This is very false.

    • You should look for a home that meets all of your requirements based on the number of people living there.
    • A huge house with very few people distorts the combination of Yin and Yang in the house and allows evil spirits to enter. It also brings disease to the property, which is not good.
    • Likewise, a house that is too small will look too congested and cluttered. Feng Shui experts believe thatMessy houses are the main causes of frequent arguments.

    Therefore, you must first analyze your requirements based on the number of occupants, and only then decide how big you want the house to be.

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    4. History of the House

    Everything that happens inside a house contributes to theenergy flowInside of. Energy vibrations are felt everywhere, and they also tend to get etched into the walls of the house as well as the floor.

    • If possible, try to find out who lived in the house before. How they lived, how successful they were and what they did will significantly affect the flow of positive chi in your home.
    • You should also try to find out a little about your personal life: your source of income, your health problems, the number of deaths in your family, etc.
    • The patterns of your lives will significantly affect the luck of this house for you in terms of the flow of energy within it.

    5. Location of the room

    While you will probably look at the number of rooms in the house based on your family size and the number of rooms ideally needed, be sure to look at the location of the rooms as well.

    • Bedrooms should not have conflicting energy standards. Look for a house with the master bedroom located at the back of the house.
    • This is the best position for a master bedroom as it is considered the dominant part of the house.
    • One of the most important Feng Shui rules for buying a home is that the bed must be in the dominant position, but first you must consider the location of the master bedroom.
    • Ideally, bathrooms should be outside the home.. Houses that have bathrooms in the center can cause a power outage.
    • Ideally, the staircase should not be directly opposite the entrance. Feng Shui experts believe.When onethe stairs are located right in front of the entrance, so the energy leaves when it enters, which is not a good sign.
    • What is more,other rooms in the house should never be placed above open areas like the garage. This is a very common cause of home illness.
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    Many home seekers tend to overlook the location of rooms. But in fact, this is one of the most important factors that affect the flow of energy into the house, so you need to focus on this.

    6. Bodies of water

    Feng Shui attaches great importance towateras one of the most auspicious elements. If a house is located near a body of water, the chances offortune and good luckcoming your way are much higher.

    • So, if all options are open to you when looking for a house, try looking for a house near a body of water. It can be any pond or lake.
    • Feng Shui experts believe thatif you have a clean body of water within two kilometers of your home, you are considered extremely lucky.
    • Not only do they look great, but the energy they bring is really great for you.

    7. T-cruce

    AT-junctionis known to be extremely unlucky. When two streets intersect in a "T" shape, it is a T-junction.

    • A "T" resembles a poisoned arrow, known to bring bad luck.
    • You mustalways look for a house that is not situated above that T.It sends you a lot of bad energy.

    8. cemetery

    You should never buy a house near a cemetery.

    • Feng Shui experts suggest that if you buy a house near a cemetery, you are more likely to get unlucky.
    • Not only that, but you may never feel comfortable. Paranoia and constant feelings of unease can make it very difficult for you to live peacefully at home.
    • Also, check thepointed shapesat home, callpoison arrows. As they tend to bring negativity, avoid having such properties with these deadly arrows.
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    9. Entrance

    HeHouse entranceIt is one of the most important parts of your home as it is where energy flows from. It is the "chi mouth".

    • You always have to look at what the entrance looks like. It should have enough space for people to enter easily.
    • Also, you shouldn't have a straight path either, as this can also have a poison arrow effect.Feng Shui experts suggest that the path leading to the house should be curved.

    FAQ: Feng Shui Rules for Buying a Home

    P:How Do I Choose a Good Feng Shui Home?

    You should look for a house located in a good neighborhood. The house must have a rectangular or square floor plan.

    Consider the location of the room and the home's history as well. In addition, the size of the house must also be taken into account.

    Never buy a home on a road junction or near a cemetery, as this can cause problems for you later on by allowing negative chi to flow through your home.

    P:What are the main rules of Feng Shui?

    You must always keep your house tidy. Being organized is a great idea. You should always make sure your bed is away from windows.

    Be sure to focus on separating your work and rest areas as well. Know your colors well so that you too can paint your house the right way.

    P:What to do and what not to do in Feng Shui?

    Always use calming colors for your home and never bring electronics. Put your bed in the dominant position.

    Never use mirrors for decoration and never leave the door open at night.

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    9 Feng Shui Rules for Buying a Home [That Cannot Be Ignored] - Fengshuitrics (2)


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