10 tips to master your bedroom feng shui (2023)

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt at peace? On the other hand, have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt uncomfortable? These instantaneous subconscious feelings can be explained by the ancient practice of feng shui; the belief that human beings and their environment are composed of different types of energies, and when these energies are in harmony, currents are synchronized to create prosperity and promote well-being.

Feng Shui may have Chinese roots, but devotees across the world are incorporating this art of balance into their own homes. If you're looking for a little personal alignment, start in what is arguably the most personal place in your home: your bedroom.

What are the feng shui rules for a bedroom?

According to feng shui rules, everything has energy (peopleyyour things), and when these energies are well balanced, you can have favorable results: think of wealth, health and happiness. Now we have your attention, right?

The format, however, is not stereotyped. It's not as simple as “put your bed here, have matching nightstands, add three lamps, and voilà! You are on your way to becoming a millionaire. Rather, feng shui consists of principles that allow for creative solutions. Do you want to find a romantic partner? Try painting your bedroom peach. Looking for artistic growth and inspiration? Find a painting from nature that will serve as your muse.

Try adopting some of these feng shui bedroom rules and let the good vibes flow.

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1. Choose calming feng shui colors for the bedroom

Colors are very important in the feng shui world. For a more detailed look at the five main feng shui elements, their corresponding colors and what they mean, seeo blog PODSarticle abouthow to do feng shui in your home. In the meantime, we'll hit the high notes.

As the bedroom is intended for relaxation and personal rejuvenation, the color should evoke these feelings of peace. Think calming neutrals like creams, grays, beiges and earth tones. If a more colorful room appeals to you, opt for a teal or light blue for well-being, a lilac for prosperity or a subtle yellow for happiness. Of course, avoid strong colors. White can be a clean, modern palette, but its vibe can be too stimulating, keeping you from achieving that ideal inner beauty dream.

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2. Put your bed in a commanding position

Commanding positions are a big part of feng shui. This means that a centralized location or piece of furniture in the room gives the owner the ability to view or control the actions taking place in that room. In a bedroom, this translates to placing the bed where you can see the door, which metaphorically means you can see the opportunities that come your way.

What's the best direction for me to look at your bed? Ideally, the side of the bed should face the door opening. Just remember that you don't want the bed to be directly in line with the door, this is called the coffin position. You can probably guess why we suggest avoiding this location.

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If you can't get your bed perpendicular to the door or you can't see the door from your bed, don't worry. You can place a mirror between the bed and the door so you don't lose it if those opportunities come your way.

Q: What is bad feng shui for a bedroom?
A:For feng shui to flow properly, energy must move productively. Having a bed facing a window, for example, can cause the bed to interrupt energy entering through the window. Also, energies leave houses through bathrooms, so don't put your bed in front of the bathroom door. If this is unavoidable, close the bathroom door and place a mirror on the side of the bathroom so that energies are redirected to the bathroom and not the bedroom.

3. Have a Feng Shui Design Symmetrical Bedroom

Think of your bedroom as being divided at the center of your bed – you want to create balance on each side to cultivate harmony. You don't have to have the exact same furniture on each side of the bed, but you want to weigh the space equally. For example, if you have a chest of drawers on the right side of the room, place a picture or floor lamp on the left side. This doesn't just apply to furniture either. Art can also be used to evenly divide the room.

4. Remember that good things come in pairs

Not to contradict ourselves, but while it's not necessary to have two of everything, feng shui places great importance on pairs. They are believed to create love energy (even if you are not in a relationship). It doesn't have to look like a room for identical twins, but it's good practice to have matching nightstands, lamps, and pillows.

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5. Detoxify and let go

It is believed that cleaning chemicals add more than literal toxins to the environment. Swap them for eco-friendly, eco-friendly alternatives. Another way to detoxify the bedroom iscut the clutter. Like blocking the window or placing the bed opposite the bathroom door, clutter can prevent energy from flowing, causing blockages in your life and bedroom. And don't put that pile of dirty laundry under the bed either! Energy flows under and around the bed, so storing things under the bed can cause sleep problems. Consideralternative cleaning methodslike donating or organizing a garage sale.

6. Ditch the technology

Another thing that can get in the way of sleep is technology. We've all read the studies on how to limit screen time before bed, but feng shui takes things a step further. To follow strict feng shui rules, remove all electronics from the bedroom. Yes, that includes your television and your iPhone. Electromagnetic fields can not only affect your REM cycle, but also apparently affect your immune system.

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7. Avoid sharp turns

Some feng shui practitioners believe that chi has a harder time flowing in sharp corners than rounded surfaces. Something to keep in mind if your bedroom isn't achieving the calming effects you're looking for. Swap that square side table for a round one, or swap that sharp-edged dresser for one with softer lines.

8. Go ahead with a headboard

As you can imagine, the bed is the most important element in the bedroom. Not only should you focus on proper feng shui bed placement, but the bed also needs a headboard to provide a supportive feeling. Also make sure you are in a safe position. A wobbly headboard does not provide optimal stability. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a heavy, imposing headboard can overwhelm a space. Go with Goldilocks and find something in between, like an upholstered headboard with a soft look. Pair it with your bedding and comforter to complete the zen style.

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Remember that mirrors are made to project, so make sure they come back to a calm and orderly scene, not a messy mess.

9. Limit mirrors

While we normally recommend mirrors formake a room look bigger, bedroom feng shui mirrors have different rules. Mirrors can harness energy, so some people believe that one in the room can help with flow, but others find that many affect sleep due to imbalance. Try it yourself and find the right fit. Remember that mirrors are made to project, so make sure they come back to a calm and orderly scene, not a messy mess.

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10. Improve access to natural light

Feng Shui is all about the natural elements as they are the conduits of chi. Moonlight and sunlight help with sleep and personal energy levels during the day. Let them into your room by opening the curtains every morning. Close the blinds at night to prevent excessive moonlight and street light from interrupting your sleep. And make sure you keep your windows fully exposed during the day to, shall we say all together, allow the energy to flow unhindered.

Once your bedroom looks and feels right, you'll likely be motivated to move on to the other areas of your home. The best way to do this? Consider having a portable PODSstorage bin delivered to your garagefor easy sorting and on-site storage. After selecting the final arrangement of your rooms, what is not cut can be donated orstored until you need it again.

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LB Gabriel is a freelance writer who lives with her husband, daughter and their Golden Retriever in Memphis, TN. As a frequent contributor to the PODS blog, she loves any advice she can find on downsizing, decluttering, or minimalist living. When you don't have a deadline, you might find it on a tennis court or golf course.


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